Own Your Job

Technical Builders has been proudly employee-owned since 2015. 100% of our stock is held by employees, and everyone who works here has the opportunity to become an owner. That sets us apart — only 1 in 200 American companies are employee-owned!

The Ownership Advantage

Employee ownership closes the loop between our company’s success and our employee’s financial success. Our broad-based ownership aligns incentives, strengthens relationships, and improves teamwork. Our culture of ownership provides a better environment the first day you walk through the door.

What is an ESOP?

Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP is the vehicle that allows employees to share in our growth and prosperity. This is not a stock option program. Instead, an ESOP is an ERISA-authorized, defined contribution plan every employee is eligible to participate in.

What are the Benefits of an ESOP?

  • Relationships: Our client and employee relationships are completely symbiotic. Employee-owners are more likely to contribute ideas, work harder, and be better team members. They are personally invested in the success of every project. As a result, our clients receive the highest level of service and quality. This drives our company’s success and increases the value of our business, which benefits employees through an increase in Technical Builders’ share price.
  • Reliability: ESOP companies show their resilience during more challenging times. In fact, employee-owned companies are 4X more likely to retain staff than other types of businesses in trying times such as a recession or pandemic. Stability in times of uncertainty leaves and immeasurable impact on employees, clients, and community partners.
  • Community: Being owned by our employees means that Technical Builders is owned by members of the local community.